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Article Collection 9/9/13

A collection of [what wonks like myself find is] interesting stuff. Macroeconomics  List of Upcoming September Events Roubini: Autumn’s Known Unknowns (Uncertainty about upcoming global events) Robert “Bob” Shiller (of Case-Shiller Index fame) says in a video interview on the housing … Continue reading

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Public Goods and Government R&D

So I just saw a review of a new book recently out called The Entrepreneurial State. The author Mariana Mazzucato has written a book on the feedback loops between technological progress, government and the private sector. In short she’s supporting the same conclusion I’ve … Continue reading

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Article Collection 07/16/2013

Just like the last one, a collection of [what nerds like myself find is] interesting stuff. Macroeconomics Greece, Italy, and otherwise Southern Europe are falling apart; nothing surprising here if you know your economics. Calculated Risk does a 5 part … Continue reading

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