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Public Goods and Government R&D

So I just saw a review of a new book recently out called The Entrepreneurial State. The author Mariana Mazzucato has written a book on the feedback loops between technological progress, government and the private sector. In short she’s supporting the same conclusion I’ve … Continue reading

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Forever blowing bubbles, pretty bubbles in the air…

As you might have realized, one of my research fascinations is the exploration of bubbles in economics and finance. Well master of bubbles and 2007 housing crisis predictor himself, Robert Shiller, typed a simple yet excellent “future of bubbles” article … Continue reading

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Detroit’s Doomsday

Updates: Pictures of an apocalyptic Detroit; the bankruptcy declaration complete with slideshow presentation to creditors.  Well Detroit couldn’t have really timed it better, declaring Chapter 9 Bankruptcy – the largest ever municipal bankruptcy filing in the US – the day after we talked about municipal … Continue reading

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Corporate Complexity

A friend found this very cool visualization tool you can use to see the global complexity of banking corporations.

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Article Collection 07/16/2013

Just like the last one, a collection of [what nerds like myself find is] interesting stuff. Macroeconomics Greece, Italy, and otherwise Southern Europe are falling apart; nothing surprising here if you know your economics. Calculated Risk does a 5 part … Continue reading

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Booming Tear Gas Industry Continues To Lead Global Economic Recovery

View 0:19-0:47; from The Onion.    

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Banking, rehypothecation and collateral shortages

First I’ll caution the reader that this is rather advanced stuff (I read through it half a dozen times before it clicked), but this is an absolutely excellent piece exploring the ongoing global macroeconomic and macro-financial banking problems, the issues of … Continue reading

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